Coffee Quiz ☕ - 7th edition with Ishita of Italophilia

ishita sood portrait in italy wearing a black flowered jacket
Ishita from Italophilia (courtesy of Ishita Sood)

Our next subject for the Coffee Quiz is Ishita from Italophilia...the biggest and only Indian blog about Italy (how cool is that?).  We have been following her Instagram account for awhile and love that she seems as obsessed with the Bialetti tricolore as we are!  

She writes about having an 'inexplicable' connection to Italy that started when she first visited in 2013 on a girls' trip.  Since then, she's been traveling there regularly and started blogging in 2014.  And speaking of her blog, it's got everythingtravel tips, Italian language tips, city specific info on Rome, Turin, Florence and Cinque Terre as well as articles about various regions like Tuscany and Le Marche.

And if you're in India, she does custom travel planning, a great option for those who haven't been before and would like to talk it through with an experienced traveler!

Lastly, she got married last year (auguri!) and while she doesn't know when her next trip to bella Italia will be, she's not she recently posted:  "Truth be told, in the past years, Italy has always "come" to me💫 It has always found me at a time when I most needed it."

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ishita standing on a bridge in florence with the ponte vecchio behind her
Ishita in Florence (courtesy of Ishita Sood)

Coffee Quiz

What brand (or brands) of coffee do you use at home? List as many as you use regularly.
Mostly Lavazza as it's easily available in India. I've recently used Bialetti's coffee and loved it!! Coffee from Blue Tokai (sourced from Southern India) is also a favorite.

What types of coffee or espresso makers are currently in use or taking up space in your home? Check all that apply.

Automatic drip coffee maker


☑️ Nespresso

Electric espresso maker

☑️ Stovetop espresso maker/moka pot (e.g. Bialetti)

☑️ Pour over coffee maker (e.g. Chemex)

French press


Stovetop percolator

Vacuum coffee maker

Turkish coffee pot

Tell us about your morning coffee routine. For instance, what time do you have your first cup of coffee or espresso? How do you make it? Do you take milk or sweetener? Do you drink it before you officially start your day or do you have it as you're already starting to get things done? Is it a solo or shared experience?

My morning doesn't start without coffee. It's a ritual that my husband and I share and cherish. Our moka pot gives us a cozy feeling and extra comfort every morning. I usually have coffee with a dash of milk and not a fan of sugar in my coffee. Sometimes I add honey in it! Apart from the moka pot, I also have a Nespresso machine at home that I use every now and then.

How much coffee do you drink in a normal day?

☑️ 1-2 cups

3 cups

4 cups

5 cups

Too many to count!

In your experience, which country has the best coffee? Why?
Italy and Peru!

When did you start drinking coffee regularly?
In my teens

☑️ In my 20s

In my 30s

In my 40s or later


Do you have any favorite facts or stories about coffee you'd like to share?
I love coffee from across the world but when I learnt about the University of Coffee in Trieste, it made me want to jump in an airplane and head over to Italy!!

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