Coffee Quiz ☕ - 6th edition with Cara's Cucina

Next up is another Jersey girl, Cara DiFalco from Cara's Cucina!  We started following her on Instagram (you should too) but really went down the rabbit hole watching her YouTube channel.  Did you know it's YouTube's first and only Emmy nominated cooking show?  Um, it's kind of a big deal people!

Her videos are a mix of Italian classics (like one of our favorites, Tiramisu), healthy dishes (Quinoa salad) and travel vlogs (Orvieto looked amazing).  You can see a trailer for her channel here.

Before she launched her Cucina, Cara spent years on TV and radio in the NY/NJ area, on News 12 NJ, Good Day NY on Fox 5 and 1010 Wins (a favorite around here, it's such an NYC classic, whenever we go back, we love to tune in to feel like we never left!).  We don't know how she has time but she's also a health coach, puts on a summer cooking class for kids and leads culinary tours to Italy with the next one April 26-May 6 in 2020.

Her love of cooking and mad kitchen skills were honed at home, with her Mom and Nonnas passing down their love of Italian cuisine and tradition.  Check out what this proud Italian-American has to say about coffee below!

Cara in her kitchen at the stove, cooking
Cara in her cucina (photo courtesy of Cara)

What brand (or brands) of coffee do you use at home? List as many as you use regularly. 
Illy, Lavazza, Cafe Bustelo

What types of coffee or espresso makers are currently in use or taking up space in your home? Check all that apply. 

Automatic drip coffee maker
Electric espresso maker
Stovetop espresso maker/moka pot (e.g. Bialetti)
Pour over coffee maker (e.g. Chemex)
French press
Stovetop percolator
Vacuum coffee maker
Turkish coffee pot
Tell us about your morning coffee routine. For instance, what time do you have your first cup of coffee or espresso? How do you make it? Do you take milk or sweetener? Do you drink it before you officially start your day or do you have it as you're already starting to get things done? Is it a solo or shared experience?

I work late nights so my first cup is around 10 a.m. We make an American style coffee, that I sweeten with honey, and have just started using oat milk. I drink my coffee on my porch swing with my dog, and take in some nature before starting the day!

How much coffee do you drink in a normal day? 

1-2 cups

3 cups

4 cups

5 cups

Too many to count!

In your experience, which country has the best coffee? Why?
I think it honestly depends on what you're looking for. Of course Italy has the best espresso. But I think we do some really cool and creative coffee drinks here in the U.S. And I would never turn down a Cuban cafesito! As I write this I'm on my way to Colombia for the first time in my life so I'll let you know!

When did you start drinking coffee regularly?

In my teens

In my 20s

In my 30s

In my 40s or later


Do you have any favorite facts or stories about coffee you'd like to share?
I learned so much about coffee getting my health coaching certificate. It can be both medicinal and detrimental to our health depending on your health goals and reaction to it etc. But in general, it's a good thing. Plus it's creates a culture and community - that is always beneficial!

Do you have any projects that you'd like to highlight?
Yes! I would love to share coffee with you all on my Cucina Italy Experience next Spring! Join me for a 10-day culinary your of southern Italy and we'll definitely share a cappuccino!
You can find me at the following places:
FB & IG @caradifalco YouTube:


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