Coffee Quiz ☕ - 3rd edition with Mangia with Michele

The next person who agreed to answer the Coffee in Italia questionnaire is none other than new friend Michele, from the awesome Instagram account Mangia with Michele.  We began following her within the last year and her posts about Italian food leave us drooling (you really have to check her out if you're not already following her).

I met her in NYC a couple of times IRL, and she's just as awesome as you'd expect!  She has an extensive background in the food sector after leaving her career in accounting to pursue her passion.  She's traveled extensively (even lived in Switzerland for a year) but loves her Jersey roots and can't imagine living anywhere other than the NYC area.  Seeing the view from her window in various posts makes me miss the big apple that much more!

Currently she's hard at work building her website;  you should subscribe right away so you won't miss the launch.  She's also partnered with Food Lover's Odyssey to lead a food tour of Sicily in October (10/5/19-10/12/19).  It's a small group tour with plenty of personal attention from Michele herself so if you've always wanted to explore bella Sicilia but didn't want to figure it out on your own, or felt intimidated by this less traveled island, this is a great option!

Lastly, she does some great giveaways...Limoncello lemonade (from Fabrizia Spirits) anyone??  Can you tell we're fans?  Let us know if you are too!

Michele wearing an apron in the kitchen with a pot on the stove beside her
Michele in the kitchen (courtesy of Mangia with Michele)

What brand (or brands) of coffee do you use at home? List as many as you use regularly.

Lavazza Gran Selezione Dark Roast is my go to coffee lately, as well as whatever brand my good friend Ana in Puerto Rico sends me. Apparently, they have great coffee there! I am currently drinking a brand called GUSTOS that she sent me - it's delicious!

What types of coffee or espresso makers are currently in use or taking up space in your home? Check all that apply.

☑️ Automatic drip coffee maker
Electric espresso maker
☑️ Stovetop espresso maker/moka pot (e.g. Bialetti)
Pour over coffee maker (e.g. Chemex)
French press
Stovetop percolator
Vacuum coffee maker
Turkish coffee pot

Tell us about your morning coffee routine. For instance, what time do you have your first cup of coffee or espresso? How do you make it? Do you take milk or sweetener? Do you drink it before you officially start your day or do you have it as you're already starting to get things done? Is it a solo or shared experience?

For the most part, I will have a glass of water when I first wake up, then have my first cup of brewed coffee with a little skim milk around 9am, generally solo, and generally as I am just starting whatever it is I am doing that morning, whether sitting at my laptop and typing or working at a client or starting a recipe. I never use any sweetener in my coffee. There is one exception to this: sometime, when I am in Italy and having an afternoon espresso, I will put a little sugar in it. I figure the I am on vacation so it is ok. :)

How much coffee do you drink in a normal day?

☑️ 1-2 cups
3 cups
4 cups
5 cups
Too many to count!

In your experience, which country has the best coffee? Why?

While I love the taste and boldness of Italian coffee, I really do love American coffee culture. I love the 'ritual' of drinking a larger cup of coffee over a longer period of time. I love meeting friends for coffee. I love a big hot cup of coffee when it is cold outside.

When did you start drinking coffee regularly?

☑️ In my teens
In my 20s
In my 30s
In my 40s or later

Do you have any projects that you'd like to highlight?

I'm taking a group to Sicily this October 2019 for an amazing curated Culinary Adventure and there are spots left! Please consider coming along! All details can be found at !

You can find me at the following places: --- website coming soon but please sign up for my newsletter!

And, you will find me posting daily on Instagram and Facebook at @MangiaWithMichele - please stop by and say hi!
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