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Announcement: New Additions

Product Announcements

We Are Proud To Announce
Some Great New Additions To Our Offerings!
We love the words "Cappuccino" and "Caffè" written on these cups and because they're hand painted, they make a great gift. Take A Look This is another discovery from the Trieste Espresso Expo.  Our love of Venice made us seek out their booth and once we tasted it, we were hooked!  Making it at home, we felt transported back to the canals and the rocking feeling that lingers after a day riding the vaporetti.

Coffee Quiz ☕ - 2nd edition with Robert Maucci

So now that the first edition of the Coffee Quiz has been posted, I realized it was time to get cracking on finding more willing subjects to share their habits on il caffè!

Next up is friend of Coffee in Italia and appassionato of coffee, Roberto Maucci!  Roberto is a Roman Cimbali rep who we've come to know via his awesome Instagram account (follow him immediately!).  He's got a great sense of humor and loves to connect with other coffee fiends.  We're hoping to meet him IRL next time we make it to Rome.

What brand (or brands) of coffee do you use at home? List as many as you use regularly.

Caffè Mauceri, Gardelli, HMC, Emanuele Tomassi, Caffè Italia, Lavazza, Illy

What types of coffee or espresso makers are currently in use or taking up space in your home? Check all that apply. 

Automatic drip coffee maker


☑️ Nespresso

Electric espresso maker

☑️ Stovetop espresso maker/moka pot (e.g. Bialetti)

☑️ Pour over coffee maker (e.g. Chemex)

French press


Stovetop …