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The Coffee Quiz Begins with Tina's Table!

We know we're not the only ones who love coffee but we started wondering what other people are drinking and how coffee is a part of their lives.  So we created a short questionnaire to find out what various folks are doing and thinking when it comes to their coffee rituals.  If you're interested in participating, let me know!

Our first interviewee is a favorite here at Coffee in Italia, Tina from the amazing blog Tina's Table!  Not so strangely in today's world, I got to know Tina via her Instagram feed which is always filled with gorgeous shots of the mouthwatering foods she prepares as well as markets around Italy and places she travels.

But it's the food that keeps you glued to your screen...I've decided I want to go live with her because you couldn't possibly eat better!  This recent post and recipe of hers looked like the perfect antidote to life here in the Northeast...when will winter end?  She's been living in Bologna since 2014 and you'll …

Ristorante Da Dante

Dining in Rome, Parte Due!
In a previous post, I had described how a friend and local recommended a couple of restaurants and the selling points were the affordability and quality. These places are definitely NOT touristy, they are populated by locals and you'll probably need at least a basic level of 'Tourist' Italian language skills. You can certainly go to these places only speaking English, and I'm certain you will enjoy the experience, but don't be surprised if you confuse polpette and polpo, or figo and figa!

Ristorante Da Dante
As mentioned previously, I Love Vino Sfuso! I haven't seen how the restaurants fill the carafes when you order the Vino della Casa, so in my mind I have an image of a large wooden barrel, which I know is probably not correct. Imagine my surprise and excitement when I noticed this spigot poking out of the cabinet. Now I knew the secret source of this delicious wine!
The other part that caught me a bit off-guard was that the bread w…

Pasticceria Barberini

Enjoy Una Merenda!

Nothing goes better with an espresso than un dolce. While I was on my travels around Rome trying various delicious espressi, while walking near the Pyramid of Cestius, I noticed on my google map that one of the outposts of a fantastic pasticceria was nearby. I had read a recommendation by @eminchilli that Pasticceria Barberini was a good place to try, but my surprise was the quality of the sweets!
There are multiple locations around Rome and I highly recommend a stop, either for breakfast, or as I did, after a day of walking when you just need a jolt of caffeine and sugar.

Pro Tip
One suggestion: if you look at the picture you see two sweets on a plate, and the bottom layer looks like some type of a square of chocolate (or at least something edible). It isn't! It's the cardboard each delicious piece is placed on for ease of handling!
A presto,
- Beppe