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Roman Hostaria Dino & Tony

Dining in Rome
During my recent trip to Rome, a friend and local recommended Hostaria Dino & Tony, the selling point was that it is affordable, great quality and traditional Roman fare. Without knowing it, my friend gave a description that perfectly aligned with what I like most about Roman food, so I was excited to give it a try!
Tony or Toni
While I am still learning to speak Italian (slowly), I usually feel fairly confident in a restaurant. Tonight, however, I was tired and Dino (or Tony, not sure which) greeted me, sat me down and asked if I wanted some wine with blinding speed. I was so overwhelmed that I think I said I wanted both Red and White wine. I didn't, he understood and returned with a delicious half-carafe of Vino della Casa and water.

I hadn't realized that this hostaria didn't see the need for menus. I'm sure I was asked what I wanted to eat, or at least if I wanted what they were making, but all I'm certain of is that I confirmed I …

Italian Culture – Mobile Phones For The Traveler In Italy

Travel Suggestions
During previous trips to Italy, in order to have voice and data service on our cell phones, we had chosen to use our existing Verizon SIM and just add the international plan. This seemed to be the easiest approach, but we quickly learned that their plan is garbage. During our first trip (with a cell) we quickly ran out of the 100Mb of data as we leveraged Google Maps to help us navigate around. Verizon ‘helpfully’ charged us an additional $40 to add more data and we continued on our merry way. After returning home and seeing the huge bill, we were certain that there must be a better way.
Local service
One our next trip, I still stuck with Verizon’s plan, knowing it was bad, but also wanting to be able to receive work calls on this phone. I was such a good worker! My wife had read a bit and learned that getting a SIM from a local provider was a good option, so we tried it. We had probably 10X the amount of data available, a local number and voice. The price was aroun…