Holiday shopping, Italian Style!

So it's that time of year again when you need gifts for friends and family and guess what?  Some of those folks are hard to buy for!  How many years can you give a dude a tie?  Or your mother yet another bathrobe? Let's talk Italian gifts and get you out of the gift giving slump you've been in (whether you know it or not)!

If you were in Italy, you could hit one of the many outdoor Christmas markets where in addition to hand crafted goods, you could sample local cuisines with a glass of mulled wine while listening to live music or watching various performers.  The 2 minute video below from Siim V gives you a lovely glimpse into the Milano market.

Sounds delightful, yes?  Agreed, but if that's not a possibility for you this year (it's not for us!), let's get you hooked up with Italian gifts minus the plane trip.

Before I get into the options, just remember that you'll get free shipping on all orders over $50 (as always) so don't throw away money on shipping if you're close to that threshold, better to get extra product!  You'll see that notice at the top of all our pages.

The easiest way to go is a gift pack.  It's already put together with a moka pot, espresso and a replacement gasket (molto importante!).

If you just want a moka (without the gasket and espresso), there are lots of great options in various colors.  And don't forget you can get 10% off all Alessi stovetop espresso makers with code ALESSIBF10 (active for late Nov./early Dec. 2018).

If your recipient already has a moka, other great gift options are: 

Alessi spoon set - this is a great option as it comes already boxed, a set of 8 espresso spoons with different styles so you can just wrap it or have it shipped directly to them and be done.

Alessi Bavero cups/saucers set - these come boxed as a set of 2 cups and 2 saucers.  They're beautiful and a great gift.  To give you a sense of their size, see below.  They're 'mocha' cups which means just slightly larger than an espresso cup to allow for some milk. 

In the picture, the largest Illy cup to the far left is a regular American coffee cup size.  The Illy cup next to it is an espresso cup.  The next one, third from the left that's more square in shape is the Alessi cups, set of 4 (no saucers).  And then finally the Alessi Bavero cups/saucers set on the far right.

4 coffee cups of varying sizes displayed side by side for a comparison
From left to right: coffee cup, espresso cup, Alessi mocha cup, Alessi Bavero mocha cup

And finally, il caffè!  Especially for someone who already has their espresso game going, an assortment of coffee is a great way to gift a coffee lover.  While we carry more familiar Illy and Lavazza (also in decaf...very hard to find) we also carry a hard to find brand from Naples called Kimbo as well as a brand from Trieste called San Giusto that is not carried by any other retailer in the United States!  We're the only ones carrying this historic Italian'd have to go to Italy to get this stuff!  And it comes in a beautiful tin, perfect for gift giving.

So that's a round-up of ideas to get you started. 

Questions?  Email me, I love to talk through the details of gift giving!

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