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Alessi Pulcina

Alessi Stove-top Espresso Makers

Alessi – History

Before I get going on this post about Alessi and one of their products, I think it’s important to be transparent that much of the information I’m sharing is from their website. I’m posting it here only because I found their site to be a bit busy and cluttered, despite my love of their products.

Alessi Pulcina Stove-top Espresso MakerI was thinking about this quote from founder Albert Alessi:

“A true design work must move people, convey emotions, bring back memories, surprise, and go against common thinking.”

I appreciate this thought because in a surprising way, using Alessi’s coffee makers CAN bring out emotions and memories in me and I love that feeling! Alessi has a strong bond with the traditions and cultural background of its area and continues to be synonymous with handcrafted objects produced with the help of machines. The northern Italian aesthetic is timeless and even though my family originates from the mezzogiorno, it’s still one Italy to me.  

Alessi was founded in 1921, and the majority of Alessi products have been manufactured by the skilled workers at the Crusinallo plant in Omegna. I had to look it up, but basically Omegna is near Milan.

Alessi Pulcina Stove-top Espresso Maker

Alessi Stove-top Espresso Makers

We sell Alessi products because they are useful and beautiful! My current favorite is the Pulcina coffee maker, designed by Michele de Lucchi, which is a revolutionary moka that combines the technology developed by illycaffè and the design experience of Alessi. If you are familiar with Mokas, or other caffettiere, there will be a familiarity with it usage. One surprise for me was the result of the collaboration with illycaffè. With other manufacturers, on occasion, the fine grind of the espresso coffee can cause a pressure buildup and release through the safety valve. It happens and it isn’t serious, however, early in the morning the pressure release used to startle the hell out of me, and wake up the wife. The Pulcina has handled every grind I’ve used with grace and style, and my wife is sleeping better!

Designer Michele De Lucchi

The designer, Michele De Lucchi, was a prominent figure in movements like Cavart, Alchimia and Memphis. His work has been exhibited in Europe, the United States and Japan. He was appointed Officer of the Italian Republic for services to design and architecture and has been nominated Professor at the Design Faculty of the Politecnico of Milan and Member of the Accademia Nazionale di San Luca in Rome.

For the Salone del Mobile 2015 De Lucchi has created “La Passeggiata” for Workplace3.0, dedicated to his vision of workspace.

Buy One!

The beauty of this product is inspiring, so we hope you’ll consider one as a part of your next purchase. If you own one, we have the spare/replacement parts you might eventually need.

Forza e Coraggio!

- Beppe
Alessi Pulcina Stove-top Espresso Maker


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