Coffee in Italia On the Road

This year has been a busy one for Coffee in Italia and it's not slowing down anytime soon.  We're hitting the road 3 times before the end of the year, so let's talk travel!

First up is Trieste, Italy,  home of the Trieste Espresso Expo, which I'll be attending for the first time. I'm super excited to be visiting a place in Italy that I've never been before and I'm looking forward to connecting with others in the Italian espresso industry.  Fingers crossed that I come back with some new offerings for the store!

Ribalta NYC Italian Restaurant With Great Pizza and Coffee.
Ribalta in NYC 

In researching how to spend my time, outside of the Expo, I came across the NYT Travel section's famous "36 Hours in..." and now can't wait to hit Mercato Coperto which I hadn't come across before in other searches.  Of course I'll be hitting some of the gorgeous bars for un caffè and riding up the Opicina Tram to take in the view of the city from above.  And if I can figure out how to tour the Illy plant, I'll really be in business!

Next we hit NYC to visit with family, but really to walk around and eat delicious food and drink delicious coffee (what else is there?).  A new-ish favorite there for pizza is Ribalta, run by folks from Napoli.  That's where we tried Kimbo for the first time, so a big thanks to them as it's now one of our favorites!

Then Beppe heads to Rome for more coffee related business and will stay at our favorite hotel, Residenza Cellini, close to the Termini train station.  This will be our fifth time at our Roman home away from home, so a big thanks to Rick Steves for the recommendation that keeps on giving. He also turned us on to our favorite dinner option, Ostaria Da Nerone (sometimes seen as Hostaria) by the Colosseum, but that's a story for another blog.  He's hoping to do a day trip to Naples to experience the world famous pizza at Pizzeria Da Michele.  While we'd heard of this place all over the interwebs, it was our new favorite food blogger, Tina at Tina's Table, who told us it was worth the hype (check out her blog or follow her on social media, she's in Bologna and has some really great content).

Rigatoni con la Pajata at Ostaria Da Nerone
Rigatoni a la pajata - classic Roman cuisine, cooked intestines of unweaned calves (Beppe is hardcore!)

That should wrap up our travel for the rest of the year.  If you have any suggestions for Trieste, NYC or Rome, leave a comment...we're always looking for new places to explore!


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