Espresso As A Solution!

Espresso Coffee In A Cup Of Sanity

In my last post, I referred to an interesting blog that had a cool image of the popular types of Italian coffee. I want to continue with that thread by talking about a really fun way to drink coffee, and that's with a Caffè Corretto

As I've learned about the range of ways to enjoy espresso, they have mostly revolved around breakfast, or more exactly, any time before lunch. There is an exception with espresso being served after dinner, but I wouldn't suggest it if you plan to go to bed that night. If you want help going to sleep, I would recommend a caffè corretto. In theory this is coffee with a shot of liquor in it, and more often than not that alcohol is Grappa, but I believe you can (and should) enjoy other sleep enhancers (read: booze) to offset the caffeine.

There are many different Italian drinks I've tried to enjoy, but I can say with certainty Grappa is one that escapes the pleasure centers of my brain. To me, the taste is horrifically close to something like nail polish, but without the pleasing odor. When I painfully tried it at home, I kept thinking something was wrong. A bad batch? Low quality product? Something in my head shouted: Stop!

Try, Try Again

Grappa and Espresso
On a recent trip to Firenze, I was determined to overcome my better instincts and try a shot to confirm that obviously this is a delicious elixir and the garbage sold in the States was simply inferior.  Nope! While I can safely say I am incapable of discerning the quality differences between Grappa bought in the US and that bought in Italy, I can say without a doubt that I really hate this stuff.

Espresso To The Rescue!

Not one to waste money, I confused the barista by ordering an espresso while I struggled with the Grappa, mixed the two, and was able to get down that nastiness. My lesson of that day was that sometimes espresso can be the solution to your problems! 

Espresso Coffee, Beans and Foamed Milk

If, even after this glowing endorsement, you choose to try Grappa, don't say I didn't warn you!

Forza e Coraggio!

- Beppe


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