Coffee Quiz ☕ - 5th Edition with the KC Coffee Geek

We're so excited to have a coffee reviewer up next for the Coffee Quiz!  It's Steve Agocs from the KC Coffee Geek.  We 'met' Steve when he bought a San Giusto espresso cup and saucer set (and some espresso spoons) and then posted about it on Instagram.  Once we saw he was a coffee reviewer, we knew we had to follow him and you should too!

Steve is an instructor at a university in Kansas City and came to the coffee world for a creative outlet after a sporadic stint with a beer blog.  It seemed like a natural fit for someone who was into specialty coffee but also writing, photography, branding, graphic design and food/beverages.  He says the center of his Venn diagram of interests is coffee and we can identify with that!

His site has way over 500 reviews (there are so many, we both lost count at some point 😂), mostly brands from the U.S. but also Canada, China, Colombia, Costa Rica, Germany, Hungary, India, Malaysia, Japan, the UK and Vietnam.  He also shares some of h…

Coffee News You Can Use - July Newsletter

More exclusives being added! As some of you know, we're continuing to add coffee from Italian roasters that CANNOT BE FOUND anywhere else in the U.S.  Sourcing new espresso is one of the favorite parts of our job!  We just got some samples to try from a roaster about an hour outside of Rome, near Frosinone, who use wood fires to roast their beans.  The flavor is phenomenal so stay tuned...

"What exactly are these hard to find options that Coffee in Italia carries?"

We're glad you asked!

Venice - Caffé del Doge
Trieste - San Giusto Caffé
Reggio Calabria - Caffé Mauro
Rome - Tazza d'Oro - beans
Naples - Kimbo
Rome - Caffé Trombetta
Verona - Pellini Top
Turin - Caffé Vergnano - beans

Coffee Quiz ☕ - 4th edition with Flavor of Italy

Next up is well-known expert on Italy, Wendy, from Flavor of Italy.  I discovered her some time ago on Instagram and have been following her ever since.  One of my favorite posts, of course, involved coffee.  She's lived in Rome for years and loves to share its secrets!

While her site includes lots of tips about what to do while in Rome, the focus is also on Italian food and what could be better than that??  There are recipes but she also arranges food tours, trips and cooking classes.  You can reach her at if you want to arrange something for the next time you're in bella Roma, she loves to help folks get just what they need from a tour, trip or class.

Below is a recent favorite of mine from her site and socials, Ciambellone.  Yes please!

What brand (or brands) of coffee do you use at home? List as many as you use regularly.

What types of coffee or espresso makers are currently in use or taking up space in your home? Check all that apply.

Exciting News: New Additions For May

We Are Proud To Announce
Some Great New Additions To Our Offerings!
San Giusto Caffè Espresso Cup with Saucer Sold individually (one cup/one saucer)
Hand wash recommended
Made in Verona, Italy by ANCAP We love the beautiful San Giusto logo in red and gray on these cups and how the writing is on the inside rim.  It reminds us of our time in Trieste! Take A Look Pellini Top - ground coffee - 8.8 oz/250g can Verona, Italy
Medium Roast
Suitable for all coffee makers
100% Arabica

Sophisticated aroma, sweet and delicate but clear flavor, like a real espresso coffee. To be appreciated especially without adding sugar.

Try The Taste Of Verona

Coffee Quiz ☕ - 3rd edition with Mangia with Michele

The next person who agreed to answer the Coffee in Italia questionnaire is none other than new friend Michele, from the awesome Instagram account Mangia with Michele.  We began following her within the last year and her posts about Italian food leave us drooling (you really have to check her out if you're not already following her).
I met her in NYC a couple of times IRL, and she's just as awesome as you'd expect!  She has an extensive background in the food sector after leaving her career in accounting to pursue her passion.  She's traveled extensively (even lived in Switzerland for a year) but loves her Jersey roots and can't imagine living anywhere other than the NYC area.  Seeing the view from her window in various posts makes me miss the big apple that much more!
Currently she's hard at work building her website;  you should subscribe right away so you won't miss the launch.  She's also partnered with Food Lover's Odyssey to lead a food tour o…

Announcement: New Additions

Product Announcements

We Are Proud To Announce
Some Great New Additions To Our Offerings!
We love the words "Cappuccino" and "Caffè" written on these cups and because they're hand painted, they make a great gift. Take A Look This is another discovery from the Trieste Espresso Expo.  Our love of Venice made us seek out their booth and once we tasted it, we were hooked!  Making it at home, we felt transported back to the canals and the rocking feeling that lingers after a day riding the vaporetti.